With a world of compatibility issues between Windows and Mac it is hard to find a decent word processor for Apple that works with XP’s word processors and saves documents in .doc format (Vista, of course, works with nothing). Another issue is how hard it is to find such a thing without paying major money for it.

I found online, which gives you an apple version of the package that comes with a new Windows PC for free. I was suspicious of such an offer, but this is a great site, with community and tech support. Not only do you get a word processor with .doc format as a save option, but you also get slideshow and spreadsheet creators. Anyone who owns a Mac knows how impossible it is to find such a thing for free, as we usually need to pay over the odds for an Adobe program just to do basic slideshows.

As word processors go at least, this is one of the best. Just thought I should share my discovery of this program here for any other frustrated mac users…

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