On Software Piracy

My Geek Insider colleague, Mohseen Lala, covers the fantastic story about Greenheart Games’ Game Dev Tycoon‘s anti-piracy message in the pirated version of the game. Game Dev Tycoon allows players to run a virtual game studio, hiring devs and trying to make fun, profitable games. There’s a slight different between the pirated and legit version of the game:

The pirated version, uploaded by the title’s developers, will eventually feature decreasing profitability due to rampant piracy. Which eventually means, that a player’s virtual career as a game developer will come to an end, one way or another.

The hilarious part is, a lot of people who did pirate the game simply are not getting the message, and have flooded Greenheart Games’ forum (the home site is currently down, whether due a server overload, angry pirates or some other reason, it’s unclear) with complaints about decreasing games sales and possible DRM measures to curb piracy.

So good.

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